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Vehicle Protection

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Vehicle Protection

Ultra Plus 35 Window Tint

Apart from the fact the window tinting applied to vehicles complements and enhances the overall look and feel of the vehicle, vehicles treated with Ultra Plus 35 Solar Control window tint receive the following benefits:
  • 56% heat reduction
  • Reduce over 98% of harmful UV rays
  • Dramatically reduces glare by 60%
  • Reduces load on air conditioner
  • Strengthens glass
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Darkest legal tint
  • Perfect fit
  • 35% visible light transmitted
  • 10% visible light reflected
Ultra Plus Fabric Protection

Ultra Plus Fabric Protection is a heavy duty stain and wear repellent and penetrates deep into the fabric. Fabric protection will keep it cleaner, brighter, fresher longer.

Protect against permanent marks and stains.

Anti-abrasion forumla to increase resistance against wear and tear.

Will not spoil the appearance or texture of the fabric.

Is completely odourless, non toxic and non-flammable.

Ultra Plus ECC System

The Ultra Plus ECC System is a sophisticated electronic device and has been engineered to the highest standard to provide maximum protection for a wide range of vehicles.

When the metal of your car is exposed to air & water, the iron in the metal give electrons to the water thereby changing its composition and allowing the formation of rust.

The Ultra Plus ECC System protects your car by forming a "field" of electrons around your car as an invisible barrier. Should bare metal become exposed to the elements (from a scratch etc.) the field supplies the electrons sought by the water & salts that are "attacking" your vehicle, thereby preventing your car from rust forming.

The Ultra Plus ECC System is a SAFE, Environmentally responsible product designed to protect your vehicle investment.

Ultra Plus Paint Protection

  • Prevents fading and oxidisation.
  • Locks in the original high gloss show room shine, maintaining that New Car appearance.
  • Protects against the damaging effects of the sun's harmful UV rays.
  • Durable seal against nature and pollutants.
  • Allows easier paint colour matching for touch ups and panel repairs.
  • Enhances your vehicle resale value.

Ultra Plus Annual Inspections

Annual inspections are important to maintaining your vehicles appearance, continued warranty support and for maintaining the highest level of protection. Depending on the type of Ultraplus product you have purchased our annual inspections include a re-application.   * Please refer to your Ultra Plus Courtesy Reminder for applicable costs and Terms & Conditions.

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